Merry everything and a happy always, love Pebbly Path


I know we don't all celebrate Christmas, but as a whole, Australians mostly end up with a few days here and there to spend away from work (unless of course you work in one of the super-fun industries like nursing, police, fire, etc who aren't afforded such luxuries).

Still, you might have some time off coming up, and either way, you'll want some great suggestions for Netflix and chilling, podcasts for driving, and all of that.

Well, I got you covered.  Here is a very non-exhaustive list of the best streaming shows on a variety of platforms you might subscribe to.

10play: firstly, if you haven't watched Destination Dessert's Mudgee special, head to 10play and watch it NOW! Yours truly making her TV debut, and 100% coming for Nigella Lawson's career.
Watch it here!

destination dessert logo with an orange Australia over-layed on a background of the Australian outback

Netflix and chill:
- Queer Eye: always a winner, always makes me ugly cry and always restores my faith in humanity.  Great for when you're having a bad day.
- Sex Education: hilarious, fun, quirky, binge-worthy.
- Criminal UK: fabulous, and has the gorgeous John Snow in it.
- Bridgerton: you've probably already seen it, but it's worth a mention.
- Inventing Anna: as above.
- Queens Gambit: I wish all shows were like this.
- Don't look up: movie, all star cast, epic and thought-provoking ending.
- The swimmers: movie, true story, heart wrenching, heart warming.

- Dope Sick: mini series, heavy but also SO interesting and entertaining in a dark way.

- Louis Theroux: ALL of the episodes.  All of them.  Especially the one about ALL OF THEM!

Apple TV:
- Morning Wars: entertaining, binge-worthy, lead by Hollywood royalty Jen Aniston and Reece Witherspoon (need I say more).

Spotify podcasts:
- Parenting Hell: can't even catch up on ALL the episodes, hilariously funny for people with AND without kids, two great British comics interviewing their comedian mates about the worst parts of parenting (and other stuff).  Laugh out loud, drive off the road kind of hilarious. #1 fave podcast for the past 2 years.
- Grounded with Louis Theroux: interviewing a bunch of famous people about their lives. Brilliant.
- Therapist Uncensored: I'll be talking about this again in the new year, to help you on your "new year new me" journey, but if you're interested in the brain, neuroscience, psychology, how to develop your relationship with yourself and with others, this podcast is UH-MAZING! Life changing stuff.  Of particular interest - episodes 133-138, in that order.
- FYI spotify now do about 10,000 audiobooks, if that's you're thang - my only recommendation here is Theroux the keyhole by Louis Theroux (yes, I am obsessed).


Ok so now you've got all the streaming lined up, time to get crafty with the kidlets!  This cute as a pom-pom project I found on One Little Project website, and HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!?!

pinecones with multi coloured pom poms stuck into them, hanging on a christmas tree

You'll need a glue gun, but they're pretty easy to come by, but this will be pretty hard to complete without one.
You'll also need some pinecones (duh) and some pom poms (double duh) and then some string if you want to hang them up on the tree.

Fairly self-explanatory from here, you just hot glue gun the pom poms onto the pinecones (as pictured), then hot glue gun the string on the bottom, and TA-DAAA!!!!  If you want to take them a step further, you could even paint them with gold glitter paint for a little EXTRA.

Ok you fabulous festive fellows, best of luck with ALL of the fun and frivolities of the next few weeks.  Don't forget to set boundaries where you need them, drink plenty of water, don't send yourself bankrupt showing everyone how much you love them, and take some time to really relax - go do some things that make you truly happy.  And if you work in one of the "we don't get Christmas/holidays" industries, Godspeed to you my dears - and thank you for your service.

See you in 2023 xx Tash