Q: Do you have different flavours?
A: YES! There are currently 3 different flavours of the large pebbly path rocky road blocks, and you won't find any bleh chocolate or boring ingredients here.  They're all VERY unique and I would highly recommend trying them all!
I also do seasonal flavours, so look out for them on socials or via the newsletter.

Q: Is your packaging eco-friendly, because it looks like plastic????
A: we are SO eco-friendly - our packaging is made of pure cellophane which is 100% home compostable and breaks down to absolutely no waste in less than 12 weeks.  Our product boxes are 100% recycled cardstock, and are printed with soy-based inks.  This means they are 100% recyclable after use, and won't break down into ANY microplastics!

Q: Do you have nut-allergy friendly options?
A: Unfortunately I cannot guarantee any allergy friendly options due to so many of my products having a LOT of nuts in them.  Plus there are other allergens like milk, soy, coconut, and so on, so this is not really allergy friendly territory I am so sorry - it's just not doable in my kitchen at this time.

Q: I have an event coming up that I need a custom order for, can you do that?
A: I can absolutely do custom orders of various sizes and flavours.  Thank you gifts, a rocky road tower, a giant slab for that rocky road lover in your life, wedding favours, a full rocky road buffet table..... packaged or unpackaged..... just get in touch to organise whatever you need.

Q: Do you have a store I can visit in person?
A: We have a brick and mortar venue, but it's not exactly a "shop".  You can totally visit us, but we are open by appointment only.  The venue is at 6 Henry Lawson Drive Bombira (Mudgee) NSW.

Q: Do you wholesale? How do I become a stockist?
A: YES! We love stockists.  You can sign up for a wholesale account at this link or alternatively you can find us on Faire wholesale but be sure to follow this link so we don't have to pay them any commission!