Meet the team!


You may know that Pebbly Path is a female owned, solo entrepreneur Australian business, but that doesn't mean I do it all alone.  I am creative by nature, but I'm not a super talented whizzz graphic designer, or amazing professional photographer, and although I would love to have proteas growing in every inch on my garden, I really can't keep plants alive... at all.

So let me introduce you to the amazing women behind the Pebbly Path images!

Crystal Oliver - aka the most amazing graphic designer, and generally the loveliest human, ever.  Based in Melbourne VIC, she's a mum of 2 gorgeous kidlets and is trying to find her way in the world after being a full-time carer to one of her babies who was very sick for many years.  She's found her groove and her truest self in design and I am totally here for it!
CO Design was recommended to me by an instagram-work-friend with branding I adore (OwnsIt! by Anna) who said Crystal was my perfect match - and she was right!  Crystal is honestly the loveliest and most helpful person I've dealt with on the internet, and her first draft for the boxes was about 98% the same to what they are now - talk about understanding the brief!  What a magician, I would not be where I am without her.

Riani Kruger - aka Mudgee's friendliest photographer!  We met through a mutual friend right at the start of owning my business, and I always promised her that she would do my product photography once I was a real grown up business!!!  She came over and we chatted all day about life and chocolate and all things small business and it was wonderful.  Originally hailing from South Africa, she and her husband moved to Mudgee with their wee baby, and now they're pregnant with the next one!  So I might have to take my own photos for a while!

Mudgee Florist on Church - aka Alyce and Margo!  This duo of Mudgee women can arrange a gorgeous bunch for any occasion - so of course I went straight to them to source the natives for Pebbly Path's product photography session! Don't the florals just MAKE this whole dream come to life???

So that's a little BTS dream team magic for you.  It all comes together to showcase the best rocky road in the entire world, because it's not just about being absolutely delicious chocolate, it's about LOOKING the part too.  Head over to the instagram's of my team and give them a like to show your support - they're all women owned Australian businesses!!!