Giving Back

Did you know that I'm actually a nurse?  I have two formal degrees - Registered Nursing and Paramedical Science (paramedics).  So, it's in my nature to care for others.  Whilst I now focus on delivering to you the most delicious endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin releasing chocolate, it is very important to me that I also take time to support my local community (see below) and raise awareness for mental health networks, for when an infusion of chocolate is not the only help you need.

Reducing the stigma of mental health, raising awareness for how to support each other and ourselves, and improving access to mental health services is a cause very close to my heart for a lot of reasons.

On Sunday's you'll find me posting on social media my tips for 'self care Sunday' which goes much further than simply taking a bath!  You'll see me discussing my own mental health struggles, keepin' it real, and I'm all for sharing the lessons I've learned through formal therapy that have changed my life.

Struggles with mental health can start from a very young age, and this impacts our entire lives.  Our ability to cope, to form quality friendships and build trust with others is heavily dependent on our upbringing and education, yet it's not talked about in schools.

That's why Pebbly Path is officially a proud sponsor of LIVIN

pebbly path proudly supports LIVIN mental health promotion and education through quarterly donations

LIVIN has a simple mission: to change the relationship children have with mental health.  They do this primarily via their LIVINWell program, which is delivered in person to schools, workplaces and community groups, offering education about warning signs & symptoms of mental health challenges, and practical coping strategies, all with a vision to increase help-seeking behaviours!  Because #itaintweaktospeak

We are proud sponsors of LIVIN and align with them in every way.  We are committed to a quarterly donation on behalf of Pebbly Path to support their LIVINWell program, and hope that they can reach enough people to reduce mental health related morbidity and mortality rates for the next generations.

For more information about LIVIN, resources for seeking help, resources to support a loved-one, or to donate/fundraise for LIVIN please visit



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