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Thank you SO much for coming to visit us at Sydney's Life Instyle 2024. It has been SO hectic but I'm absolutely thrilled we did it, and you came to see us!

I hope you received a sample of our delicious rocky road, and I hope we got to chat to you on the day, but I'm sorry if it all got too much and we missed you.  Let me introduce/reintroduce myself - I'm Tash: founder and chief taste tester.  I'm 37, living in Mudgee NSW with my young family, and am a registered nurse by trade, turned entrepreneur in 2021.

I have always loved making food for people, and my speciality has always been sweets, as I'm a complete sweet tooth and self proclaimed foodie.  I grew up with a love of rocky road, and used to visit the Darrel Lea store in Kensington with my mum when I was young.  Rocky road is always the thing I go for when I'm visiting a treat factory, (along with chocolate coated honeycomb)!

Somewhere along the way, either my tastebuds matured or rocky road got bland, so I started making it at home and would always turn up with it when asked to "bring a plate".  It was very well received by my family and friends, who planted the idea of having my own side-hustle (read: get the hell out of shift work!!!)

My farmers market side hustle quickly grew to an award-winning micro business with 5 casual staff members, our own commercial kitchen, and an abundance of dedicated returning customers, both stockists and direct customers.

I still occasionally work in the kitchen with the girls, but most of my waking hours are now dedicated to customer satisfaction.  If you call/email/DM/contact Pebbly Path - it's me you'll be talking to.  It's me who'll be doing everything I can to help you, fix something or improve your experience with us, because no one wants to make things work more than I do!  We haven't gone the way of the distributor or sales team, and I think this is why we have been so successful in maintaining our stockists since day dot (you know, back before I knew the difference between margin and markup, before I knew what B2B meant, and before I knew what customers really wanted from me).  But I have always listened and educated myself, to ensure that my customers were happy and kept coming back.

It's my promise to you as a B2B customer, that I will always make time for you, and I'll always be transparent.  I'll help you engage customers, increase sales and boost brand awareness.  I'll be supportive and understanding, and promise to always be my authentic self: a little weird, so you should always enjoy our chats - no boring bits allowed!

Recently, one of our B2B customers answered my call and said "I'm so glad you called - I'm having the worst day at work and it's so nice to talk to someone who is so friendly".  Which honestly, just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This brings me to probably the most important part of my business - our social responsibility.  I have a long history of mental health experience - both personally, and professionally.  I've worked in plenty of places where staff crying in the storeroom was a daily occurrence, and not being supported by management was just the tip of the iceberg.  So I have implemented a number of strategies for Pebbly Path's culture that are supporting mental health, and we're creating an inclusive environment for people with varying emotional and physical needs.  But our biggest commitment started in 2023 - I made a pledge to donate a percentage of our profits every quarter to LIVIN mental health organisation, to help fund their mental health education programs in schools and workplaces.  Their vision is to reduce the stigma of mental health, and promote help-seeking behaviours, and I couldn't be more on board unless I was on the board!

So that's Pebbly Path - not your traditional confectionery business, rather one that feeds it's community through yummy treats, emotional support, and caring for our environment.  If you'd like to be part of our community - let's chat! We're always looking for stockists, whether it's brick and mortar stores, florists, online hamper companies and the like. We also LOVE to collaborate, so hit me up with your ideas.

Cheers, Tash.
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