Mateship: combine shipping app

Pebbly Path is committed to sustainable business practises.  As such, we have partnered with a brand new Australian business MATESHIP that provides you with ways to reduce both your shipping costs, and your carbon footprint, by combining postage costs with your friends!

Information on How-to-Mateship it

  • Shop as normal
  • Place your order as normal with any of our partner stores. 

    Remember to use the same Mateship email when checking out! Come back to Mateship after. 

  • Group it
  • Group it with mates after your purchase. 

    Mateship will automatically detect your order just like magic!

  • Rewards
  • Free shipping and instant cash in your account. No waiting around, no hurdles, no weird T&Cs. 

    All shipping fees get refunded instantly.

    For more information on Mateship, follow this link 👉🏽