The Pebbly Path to great food at home

So you're ready to join the no boring bits revolution?  Welcome to the club my friend!!!!!  My name is Tash, I own Pebbly Path, making extraordinary rocky road in the beautiful country town of Mudgee NSW, about 3.5 hrs west of Sydney.

I originally hail from Sydney - the Northern Beaches for those of you interested...  Sydney has the MOST amazing food scene and Mudgee is catching up as well.  We have got some amazing restaurants and cafes in Mudgee and the surrounding areas, with more popping up every month (it feels like!)  I'll be starting another blog very soon on 'The Pebbly Path to Mudgee' and my top tips for wining and dining in the area.. but that's for another day.

Today I'd like to welcome you to follow the Pebbly Path to great food at home - my recipe blog!  If you have tried my rocky road, you'll know my taste is exquisite, and if you haven't tried it yet, you can make some of these recipes and you'll soon realise that my taste is exquisite!

Obviously, I love chocolate and rocky road, but what my real passion is, is FOOD glorious FOOD!  All of it.  Sweet, savoury, soft, chunky, hot, cold, sizzling, saucy, Greek, Italian, Asian, French, Aussie, Spanish, Mexican AND THE LIST GOES ON!  I love cooking it, eating it, talking about it, telling people about it, watching it, smelling it, taking pictures of it, learning about it, digesting it, and discussing it.  So that's what I'm going to share with you here on the blog.  All my favourite recipes, plus some great tips I've learnt along the way (thank you food fails), and just generally anything that I think you'll LOVE to make at home.  Don't worry, I am not a French-trained pastry chef, which means the majority of recipes will be EASY to follow and won't involve any ridiculous skills or machines.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

So welcome to the no boring bits revolution!  Let's get started with a really basic breakfast idea... it's all about finding great fresh ingredients and making it look like you just paid $15 for it at the local café.

Toasted Granola with fresh fruit and creamy Greek yoghurt.
AKA a quick and easy breakfast!


Granola (make your own if you can be bothered, or just find a delicious one to buy, I'll do a recipe in the coming weeks for those with the time/energy)
Fresh fruit (dealers choice here) my faves are strawberries (low GI so you can eat a tonne of them), blueberries (also low GI but also great brain food) and banana (because #carbs).
Thick, Greek yoghurt (you can choose any dairy/non-dairy yoghurt you like of course, but I adore really thick, tart Greek yoghurt that your spoon stands up in).  But be warned - if you choose some non-fat weird yoghurt, don't @ me with your food fail because thick, full fat, pot set yoghurt is where the taste is at!


To make it feel like you've just ordered it from a fancy café for $15, start with a really lush wide bowl, grab a huge dollop or two of your fave yoghurt and spread it around the base of the bowl.

Next, slice up your gorgeous fresh fruit and arrange it in lines - make a beautiful fruit rainbow with as many colours as you can!

Add your granola in a nice line/section as well.
Feel free to add some height with some thinly sliced apple sticking up the side of the bowl, add some extra nuts and seeds if you're feeling it (pepitas and pistachios make for some tasty green in the rainbow), perhaps a sprig of mint to top it all off???  A drizzle of honey? A crumble of Pebbly Path rocky road? You do you boo.

Now, take a picture of it (because you would if you were paying $15 at the café for it) and upload it to instagram to show off your amazing culinary skills!  Don't forget to tag @pebblypath and #pebblypathathome so I can see all your rainbow breakfast creations!

Lastly, you're going to want to have all those flavours together, so go ahead and completely ruin the photo by mixing everything together so it's all coated in granola-y-yoghurty-goodness and DEVOUR IT.

Because life is too short to waste calories on lack-lustre food.
See you on the gram!
Tash xx